The scope of activities includes:

  • Integrated processing: from execution of the project trough making stencils, trade negotiations with subcontractors until full realization of sewing. 
  • Partial processing in which the client delivers us the design, stencils and fabric.

Why are we worth cooperating?

  • We are company with great experience – we offer our own machines, contacts, high standard service and excellent quality of products. 
  • Outsourcing is a limitation of production costs and avoiding of buying specialized machines.
  • We coordinate the work on ordering chase, we import fabric and negotiate commerciall terms with our fabric’s delivers and other agents on request of our clients. 

Years of experience on apparel market enable us to cooperate with such subcontractors as:

  • Clothes designer
  • Technologists from outside
  • Clothes constructors 

If you are interested in instructing of sewing or you would like to know more about cooperation please contact with us using bookmark Contact. 

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